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Hello Planet Gnome

The blog have been added today to GNOME Planet. My name is Maciej Piechotka and I’m a libgee maintainer, but currently I’m shifting my focus a bit towards core Vala, especially with regard to performance optimization. In addition I intend … Continue reading

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So the blog is on now

Unfortunately  the previous host was unreliable to say the least. During last crash I lost two posts (one note very interesting about libgee 0.7 and one about general thought on debugging). The recent security breach caused lost of trust into it from … Continue reading

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Hosting problems

I finally restored blog after my provider total RAID failure which resulted in xfs corruption of partition where the databases were located (as well as corruption of partition where the blog was). Unfortunately not all data was retrieved so there … Continue reading

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My blog is dead, long live my blog

I’m finishing migration of blog to the WordPress from Jogger was a good platform but I used a few benefits and it was hard to handle interface with two blogs. WordPress at this moment have larger number of advantages … Continue reading

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Hello world!

From various reasons I decided to start a blog in English. To begin with over past several years I slowly started contacting more and more people who don’t speak in my native language. Posting the link to my blog is not helpful.

Training english writing seems to be also important. In High School I used to write over 400 words essays (I mean as a standard of essay) but I’m afraid that I would have some problems now.

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