Hello Planet Gnome

The blog have been added today to GNOME Planet. My name is Maciej Piechotka and I’m a libgee maintainer, but currently I’m shifting my focus a bit towards core Vala, especially with regard to performance optimization. In addition I intend to write a guideline how to maintain an ABI stability in Vala libraries, first part of which was published (eventually it will be migrated to wiki). Despite the claims it is quite possible.

Other than strictly GNOME-related topics I write also about other technical topics, for example typing(content might not be suitable for people averse to static typing) or build systems. Sometimes other posts might appear as well.

PS. Sorry for the earlier post – I misunderstood the bug comment. The blog was added as of today, not yesterday.

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1 Response to Hello Planet Gnome

  1. Hey there Maciej =)

    I like to read your blog posts :O

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