SixXS – How to disable your own account by request to change an e-mail

I had from some time SixXS account and I was happy user. Until I tried to change e-mail

However about two years ago (to be exact 02 October 2008 I wanted to change the email address. I receive following reply:

Maciej Marcin Piechotka wrote:
> Is it possible to update the email to

For the account of which of the many users we have?


When I sent e-mail containing my handle (assuming they are asking for it) I receive no reply.

Similar conversation tok place in May 2010. The third was on 09 August 2010 (however I receive no reply):

Please update my e-mail. This one may no longer be valid after september

Username: XXXX-SIXXS
Current e-mail:
New e-mail: [2]

[1] I requested e-mail update some time ago but there has been no
response so far
[2] It is valid as far as I understand according to new domain policy
despite bing hosted on xxxx. If it is not please use

I tried to submit a ticket (the FAQ stated that the proper channels are either via e-mail or ticket system and the e-mail obviously failed) in which I described the whole situation stating that my e-mail might get blacklisted by accident. On following day I found out it was deleted.

Still thinking there are some technical problems I asked forum for advice what should I do. The post was deleted within minutes – they apparently don’t have the time to change e-mail over 2 years but do have time to closely monitor the forum they stated they don’t closely monitor. The account have been disabled shortly afterwards.

I haven’t found anything in FAQ that I have broken with possible exception of not signing at bottom of the e-mail by my full name. Message was signed by GPG key, from account that do not bounce (check several times) etc. I haven’t also receive response why my account was disabled. In meantime I moved to Tunnel Broker.

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