Paludis – first contact

Recently I started using Paludis as my packed manager on my ‘desktop’ Gentoo installation.

When I first run Paludis it welcomed me with a bunch of warnings. While QA is perfect for developers it is not perfect for the user. Some of the problems were problems of my configuration and some were gentoo bugs. However some seemd to be overcaution of paludis.

Other problem is that the Paludis checks carefully the dependency tree when I run paludis -i world it reads and checks the whole tree. While I admit that it can help avoid some unwanted situation it causes paludis to run about 3 times slower than emerge.

Usually during the update I want to revise it firstly. Emerge offers nice option --ask which first shows what it is going to install and then asks if I want to install it. However there is no such option in paludis. May be it can be added by hooks.

On the other hand it has advantages as well. It is much stricker then portage so it helps with developing ebuilds. It is, despite the initial long running time, quite fast, especially compared to portage and it can be much easier extended.

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